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The Joy of Resilience


What does it mean to be resilient? By definition “able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions”. By experience – does getting through Covid count? It does. Here’s why I would describe it as joyful.


It’s Almost August and the March mentality (getting through a couple weeks in pajamas like a shit show) is long gone – this Covid life Is a new lifestyle and it is so far from being over.


Besides handling the discipline of toddlers, boundaries of extended family, grocery delivery, my husband’s existence, amongst a million other things, I was launching a business in the middle of a worldwide disaster.


Enter resilience.


You see, there was no other option here for me, other than to keep going. I have waited my entire life to make this happen. So - this worldwide disaster- it was not going to get in my way.


The Pivot. Or shall we call them Placeholders?


The facts were as follows: I was unable to produce as many styles as I originally intended. My production that was almost complete was put on hold as the factories shut down.  I had announced the launch of my business yet could not follow through.


With passion and grit – I kept going. I designed a 16 page coloring book. I hosted a Virtual Art Party to kick off the campaign, and collected donations to print 800 coloring books for Medical Staff at 9 hospitals. I dug deep into my passion, one of the pillars of my business, which is that Art brings Joy – and this was a way I could spread my positivity during disaster.


As the weather got warmer and the toddler discipline got better (wait, did it?), it was time to get into the mask game. What better way than to keep myself creative and Tie Dye. Again – this was not part of my original plan (as if any designer planned on making masks this year!) – but it was worth a shot. And a shot worth taking – I sold out of the adult styles in less than 24 hours- and ended up on a Fox5NY News Segment on TV about being a Tie Dye Designer!


Entrepreneurship has its peaks and valleys and at this moment the ups and downs are constant. In the middle of a massive crisis, I am finding wins and I am still in motion.


 Enter Joy.  


Finally my sarongs came. After months of waiting, the Fed Ex truck pulled up with my inventory. I cried. To be honest – the couple days that followed were a little bit anti-climactic. I waited so long for their arrival and then suddenly my house was filled with these very important boxes…What the heck was I supposed to do now?!


I took a few deep breaths and took the pressure off myself for a “perfect launch” – I launched my updated website. Announced it to the world– and hoped for the best.


It’s been a long road to get to this moment. I know that this pandemic has been really hard on everyone for so many reasons. I am grateful for my health always, and I am proud of myself for my resilience – for that reason I got to experience the emotion, the JOY, of this launch. Yes, it’s different than the launch I had originally intended, but I am so fulfilled and proud of myself. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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