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An Insider Look into The Visualize Joy Collection

An Insider Look into The Visualize Joy Collection

A Visualization is simply “the formation of a mental image of something”.

Years ago, I learned that this is an anxiety reducing technique - or a “tool” as they say. What I didn’t realize, was this is a tool I already used. And actually… I use it often.

At night when I can’t fall asleep, my mind wanders to a trip I took about 10 years ago to Aruba. I visualize the most amazing clearest, sparkling, turquoise waters – so clear that I can actually decipher my pedicure color almost perfectly through the waves. So calm, too. The most peaceful waves, the kind you float on and forget you could actually float away on, after all the sea is open and you’re not in a pool. So clear and sparkly – the sun’s blinding hot rays are glimmering on the water. It’s actually magical. By the time I have gone through thinking about the ocean colors, the feeling of the sun’s warmth, and the floating sensation – I have fallen asleep.

Painting Ocean Colors

As an artist, I use painting as one form of expression. It’s another tool in my toolbox – and I am always drawn to painting Ocean colors. I feel so deeply connected to the color range of turquoise to blues. Without fail they bring me a wonderful sense of joy.

The Ocean Waters Sarong

I am so thrilled to share the Ocean Waters Sarong, as the launch of this collection. I created a painting with concentrated dyes -  inspired by the ocean and my favorite blues – and then translated it into fabric.  

A sarong is versatile– it can be worn in an endless amount of ways – all which fit your own personal style and body type. What’s consistent though, are the stunning colors. Feel the peace of the ocean waves as the breeze blows through the soft fabric you’ve tied around yourself.

And remember, you don’t have to actually be at the ocean. Close your eyes and visualize the water – the sparkling waves – and use this visualization to bring you moments of calm – or help you fall asleep.

Visualize Joy.

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  • Mom

    I love my sarong. So sexy and colorful. May I please have my sarong videos

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