About Sara Joy

Sara Joy Pink Flower Caftan


"Growing up, everything had to be embellished. I would paint on top of the clothes I made, embroider them, and glue rhinestones on. I was and still am detail obsessed."

This colorful mindset and love of detail blossomed fully when Sara Joy launched in 2020. A resortwear brand made to empower positivity and strength through print and color.

Sara's lifelong dream was to launch this business. In her family she was the “sensitive sister”. In her career was sometimes told her colors were too bold, prints too loud. She colored within the lines of life …until a newly empowered mindset was born.

“Becoming a mom changed everything for me. I had an amazing natural birth that I envisioned – and then lost my job when my daughter was 7 months old. It gave me the chance to manifest the courage to lean into my creativity.”

Sara Joy is here to remind you your strength comes from within and isn’t dictated by others  -  and that self-expression and joy can be found through style.

Each print in the artistic collection is created by Sara herself – so you can feel special in what you’re wearing. We strive to be a zero waste business, manufacturing in small batches and using our waste fabric for new products. You'll see a variety of beautiful cottons and each piece is One Size, made to be worn many different ways. You’ll see an ease of wear, a piece you’ll never want to take off, because it feels so good.

It’s our version of the mind-body connection. That spark created on the inside through accessories we wear on the outside. It’s the inside that counts after all, isn’t it?  


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 Sara Joy Pink Flower Sarong