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3 Tips to a Positive Mindset

3 Tips to a Positive Mindset

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Yeah, me too. It happens to the best of us. Mom life is stressful and pandemic life has only made it harder. There is so much to complain about - BUT stop right there. Do you want to be a Negative Nancy? (Sorry, Nancy.) Your life - including your mindset - is in your hands. Go Attitude Shopping!
Here are 3 tips that help me choose happy and live in a positive mindset...

1. Practice gratitude for small details like a hot breakfast. Actually spend a minute thinking about how good your oatmeal tastes. Are your grapes crunchy and sweet at the same time? Win! Is your coffee steamy and your house suddenly quiet? Enjoy it. Focus on small moments that are wonderful and you'll realize they add up.

2. Put on some music or roll out a yoga mat. Even if you end up with toddlers climbing on you and in a tickle fest - watch your mood shift to happy. Moana does the trick in my house. Cue that first track and nobody can sit still. Dancing shifts your energy and puts everyone in a great mood!

3. Write down/print out nice things people say to or about you. When you’re grumpy go back and read those positive messages. Your brain is wired to forget them - but don’t let it! I call this a "positivity wall" - add to it all the time. You'll be glad you did.

Try these three tips when you're feeling down, let me know how it goes. And just a reminder - it's OKAY to feel down. Sometimes you need to sit with your emotions in order to move through them.
On the other hand -  if you're just pissed that your 4 year old spilled your tea because he put his feet on the table? Take a deep breath mama, and choose your mood. You'd rather be a Happy Helen, wouldn't you?
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