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The Beginning

Joy + Justice was born out of a challenging and unprecedented year. 

Through the COVID-19 global health crisis we are proud to say we have been a source of happiness and positivity. In March of 2020 when our production was held and factories closed, we reached into our core and it was simple...

We needed to find a way to make a difference and bring joy to our community.

April 2020 kicked off this campaign with a Virtual Art Party. We collected enough donations to print 800 Awaken Joy Coloring Books designed by our founder, Sara. The books were sent to 9 hospitals.


The last batch of coloring books were added to surprise Mother's Day gift baskets sent to new mothers who tested positive for COVID-19 with babies in the NICU. 

This struck something in Sara. 

To be able to bring joy to women who were experiencing such horrific circumstances felt truly meaningful.

What's Next?

Coloring books in hospitals was the first step. But now - we want to do more. There are many women out there who are lacking in resources during their first stages of motherhood; whether it's physical health care, mental care, or basic essentials, and we want to help. 

5% of all profits from our Visualize Joy Collection will be donated to awaken joy in motherhood in our local and nationwide communities through a variety of women's health non-profits.


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  • Mom

    I love that you are doing this. That’s why I joined the social justice committee at my temple. We all need to help to make a difference. I love you

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