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3 Ways to Wear Your Sarong This Winter

3 Ways to Wear Your Sarong This Winter

No Sunshine? No Problem

Don't stress this winter away, mama. Here are 3 ways to wear your sarong as a scarf for all the cozy vibes. You'll be Zoom chic in no time.

1 - Scarf Style works well to add some warmth to your socially distant walks around the block

Sara Joy Scarf Style


2. Throw on your Zoom Chic Shawl moments before Virtual Parent Teacher conferences. Nobody has to know what you're wearing on the bottom ;)


Sara Joy Shawl


3. Triangle tie your sarong as an oversized bandana. What a great way to pop color into your wardrobe when you're sick of your black basics. Your mirror will thank you!


Sara Joy Bandana


This is your reminder your sarongs are not just for summer! These 100% cotton wraps are as soft as can be. Awaken JOY and sunshine from within.

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