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5 ways to Awaken Joy From Within

5 ways to Awaken Joy From Within

All the slivers of sunshine we're seeing lately are teasers - summer is close - but not close enough. Are you ready for a new season but it's not ready for you? 
Here are 5 ways to awaken joy from within and energize vacation vibes right from your house. 
 Awaken Joy
- A rainbow tie dye scarf - tie as a headband or simply on your favorite tote. This vibrant accessory will bring you joy however you wear it - and when your friends on Zoom ask you - it's linked here
Sara Joy Shop Now
- A regular weekday can't stop me from finding my inner goddess with these absolutely stunning earrings. Inspired by Greece and handmade in Texas by my friend Vicky of Nextdoor Goddess, you can buy them here
Nextdoor Goddess
-If it was up to me I'd probably have a brownie after lunch every day. My skinny jeans don't really agree with this diet and so let's just say I eat chocolate like an adult. (Whenever I want! But in smaller doses.) For those moments of cravings and a delicious beauty boost I am loving Blyssen Beauty chocolate lip balm. Hand made (super impressed with this one!) in San Diego by mama Mandi. Get your fix here
Blyssen Beauty
- I grew up (or did I?) using the word YAY all the time. When I came across Meaghan Murphy and her love for positivity I know I'd love her book "Your Fully Charged Life". She also has an Instagram Account fully devoted to finding the yay in every day - we all need a dose of this right now!! Get your copy here
-Afraid to don your caftan too soon? Fear not - this versatile look is waiting to be worn. Pair with jeans and a tank top for a spring sensation - get your color fix on early this year! It's guaranteed to boost your mood. Shop here
 Sara Joy Caftan
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