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The Joy of an Inspiring Office

The Joy of an Inspiring Office

When we moved into our house just about everyone recommended we turn this glorious sunny front room into a play room. I refused. Sorry Charlie, this is my house, this is going to be my office. I even refused to share it with Jared when he started to WFH when Covid hit. He is happy working in his new make-shift office upstairs, and I am thrilled to own this space. 
I must say I don’t usually stand my ground this way. I realized that as a creative professional who is an entrepreneur launching a fashion business this year – I need this space to be completely mine! I need to spread out! And if you don’t know me well, let me explain, I have a whole LOT of art supplies that need a home.
Check out these 5 fun ways to an inspiring office.

A Bulletin Board

MOOD all the way. Think magazine tears of your dream vacation spot, a picture of your honeymoon, a self portrait from your kindergartener.  The goal of this space is the visuals to make you happy. I have color swatches, photos, magazine tears, and fabric on mine.
Bulletin Board Inspiration

A Positivity Wall

Did you know that our brains are hard wired to remember the negative things we hear? Think of it this way – The positive bubbles pop, and the negative ones stick. We have to work extra hard to remember the positives -  and here’s a little trick to that. When someone emails or texts me something nice, I print it out. If it’s something someone says about me, I write it down and put it up. I have reviews from old bosses that are great. Quick compliments, and thank you emails. They’re a reminder that YOU ARE AMAZING! And anything negative is not important to remember!
Positivity Wall


Being organized is soooo satisfying. When I first had this office created I went all out at the Container Store and now each of my art supplies has a home! Completely worth the money to have proper storage – and if you’re getting by with out it I get it. It’s hard to spend money on containers. You can use old Costco Coffee Tins, You can use old shoe boxes. However you want to make it happen – MAKE IT HAPPEN. Your work flow will improve!
Creative Books

Get a Plant

Exercise that Green Thumb and go with a Snake Plant because they are super duper hard to kill and are beautiful. Nature works wonders in adding to your space. This year on Mother's Day, Jared got me a little planter that is a face with glasses on - just like me. I'm obsessed. 
Office Plant


Even if you’re not creative in your work, your WFH space will glow with a little art. Make it small if you are pressed for space– but adding some color will brighten up your day and remind you to use your imagination in life. 
Creative Bulletin Board
The best part about all of this is that you can keep rearranging. Cleaning out and redoing my office is the best - switch out the mood board - add some new positive notes on the wall. It's fun and happy and let's be honest - it's alone time in my favorite sunny room ;) You can find me hiding in here at night with a glass of wine!! 
What's your favorite redo? Happy working!!
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