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The Joy of Dressing Up

The Joy of Dressing Up

Hey you over there in those baggy sweats!! How good does it feel to wear pajamas all day every day? I know. So good. But honey, it's time to get dressed. The sun is out, the summer is here. I don't care if you've baked your way through quarantine and have an extra love handle or two, it's time to put your clothes on.
I imagine you don't need that much motivation from me since Memorial Day came and went and most of us are hanging outside more often now which means we are being seen. What I can do for you is share some ideas on getting dressed to stay home. In other words - feel good in your clothes  - but don't over do it because yes I know you're still cooking, cleaning, scootering, and sprinkler-ing. And in my case, wearing sneakers often.

Texture Play

Fancify those sweats with a little chiffon. You heard me right - take out that feminine ruffled skirt and pair it with a sweatshirt for your morning stroller walk. Put it on with a basic white T for lunch on the deck with your kids. No jokes here I even wore mine when the kids were playing with their water table. It's just a skirt. Wear it! 
This skirt is from Jolie GOtique, a fabulous Fashion Truck owned and operated by amazing Mama Penny Goffman in Greenwich, CT.

Print Mix

This might be a little crazy for some of you but print mixing is my jam. I love when things don't match, but pair well. Here I was happy to see my jeans fit me - yet one tight fitting piece was enough that day. I paired them with a mens large tie dye T, a silk printed kimono, and an old flower printed Zara bomber circa 2012. Perfect for this sunny but cool day. Again - sneakers. Good for toddlers and scooter racing.
Sara Joy Print Mix


I put this one last because maybe asking you to get dressed is too much. Remember, anything goes these days and don't be hard on yourself. You know what can help if you still want your leggings on? Hoops. Bracelets. Fun sunglasses. If you're feeling extra then you can texture play, print mix, AND accessorize. But maybe you're barely up for this at all - which is okay too.
I love to tie a small scarf around my wrist. I love to wear hoops even with sweatshirts lately. And while I am obsessed with my fanny pack for practical mom reasons (like it fits a lot of Fig Bars and Babybel Cheese). I also love how it looks and how it defines my waist over almost every outfit. 

It doesn't have to be every day to make a difference. 


I still find myself taking off workout clothes some days at 9pm that never saw any yoga mat action. But the days I get dressed - those are the days I walk the neighborhood with confidence and feel great about myself. And when I feel great about myself, I am positive, and I'm happier with my family! 
Tell me how it goes for you! Are you getting dressed more often with the sun shining? What outfits are bringing you joy these days? Can't wait to hear from you!! Happy outfitting and enjoy your weekend!
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  • Linds

    I love my sweats but having Dad coloring my hair makes me so happy. And when I put on make-up, which is very rare. I can’t believe how much better I look

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