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Summer, I love you


Sorry not sorry - I have been barefoot for days. It might be some of the weirdest summer weather we've had. The humidity is out of control (and so is my hair) and I'm rolling with it.

Took the kids to the pool club after camp yesterday and we all dove right in - these extra rainy days and extra high temps are begging us to enjoy the sunny moments we can. 

I find myself captivated with hand holding my kids, knowing if I blink too long they'll be at sleepaway or slamming doors in my face. 

Summer activities take us away from technology; is that the best part about this season? Can't check insta in the pool. Can't check email on the boat. Can't answer calls with extra thick sunscreen in my fingernails and wedding rings (oh well).

Each evening lately, I realize I am more and more present and I am feeling so much joy in this. 

Here's to holding onto every ounce of summer.  Stay present in each salty beach moment, enjoy every chlorinated evening. Blink, and it'll be gone. 


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