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I Found Joy Through Flowers When I Lost My Job

I Found Joy Through Flowers When I Lost My Job

Back in 2019 I got laid off. The design division where I was working closed down, with 24 hours notice. Following that tumultuous time was a special time in my life... I had space for me. On the days when I had childcare I found a new love of planting flowers. We'd only been in our house for a year so it was the perfect time to pick up this green thumb I had inherited. I remember my Grandma calling me when I was younger to share how good her flowers looked. 

Over the years it's become another creative outlet for me. Choosing color palettes, mixing textures, learning sunlight patterns (that part takes time!). Spending time outside in fresh air always feels so good. 

Since then, it's always been the first weekend in June...Flower day! And now it's a family affair.  Adding pops of color around my house, deck, and patio; it brings me so much joy.

What brings you joy this time of year?

Happy beginning of summer! Xx, Sara Joy


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