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Quick Tips You Need to Get Happy Now

Feel Like You Haven't Been Smiling Enough Lately?

No sh*t sherlock - stress levels are high and mighty since the holidays and YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this. Here are a few quick tips to boost your mood - it might take a little extra these days but we'll get through this C*vid winter and see those flower buds in no time!! 

*get outside // hot or cold - fresh air is so healthy

*find water // no ocean or pool near you? take a bath

*hug a family member // 6 seconds at least pls 

*dance dance dance //  move that bod... capital E for endorphins!

*buy yourself flowers // pretty up your space

*get your silly on // being truly present while hanging out with kids is good for this one

I know these points are simple and regular but we all need the reminder to get off screen and chill out. 

Ok now, ready to get dressed? 

Check out my signature Dopamine Dressing Tips >>> 

Xx, Sara

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