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Dopamine Dressing: How Your Clothing Choices Can Boost Your Mood

Have you ever noticed how a certain outfit can make you feel more confident and happy? That's because the clothes we wear can have a direct impact on our mood and overall well-being. They say when you look good, you feel good, and here are three basic tips to spark that glow from the inside out.


Wear a Sentimental Item of Clothing


When you need a happy boost, pick one item in your closet that is associated with a good memory. Whether it’s a top you wore on a special date with your partner, or a dress that was your grandma’s, when you pass by the mirror in that special something, it’ll make you smile.

By wearing something that has sentimental value, you can tap into the positive emotions associated with that item and carry them with you throughout the day.


Color Therapy


Another form of Feel Good Fashion is to wear a color that makes you happy. Different colors are believed to have different effects on our mood, with warm colors like red and orange promoting feelings of energy and excitement. On a day when you’re overwhelmed and need to slow down, wear blue. The color blue represents calm and peace. Subconsciously it will keep you relaxed and feeling at ease and bring some joy into your day.

We often get used to wearing black basics, but it is worthwhile to think about which colors make you feel the happiest and start incorporating them into your wardrobe.


Comfort is Key


I love this one – comfort is everything for a busy mama, and it doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy.

For you maybe it’s to choose glasses over contact lenses today? Maybe it’s joggers over jeans? Pick one item to swap and make it your most comfortable. Who needs to stress about a bodysuit wedgie on the day you're stressed about overlapping carpool schedules? You can look chic and comfortable at the same time with minimal effort. Try the Sara Joy maxi dress – the easiest most comfortable throw on dress – and you’ll feel instantly elevated in style.

Tomorrow when you're getting dressed, think about how you can incorporate these ideas into your outfit. Your mood will be positively impacted and you’ll have a better day!


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