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My Embellished Life

When I was 22 and started my first job in the garment center in NYC I had this awesome blog. Think Leandra Medine circa the years she used to take pics of herself on her parents UES balcony. IYKYK. I was just like her (the blog, not the bank account) and I was so extra inspired.

💎 My blog was called My Embellished Life and it expressed my love for all things fashion, style, NYC, and creative artistic, often embellished clothing and accessories.

To say things in my life have come full circle would be sort of well, obvious, except it feels mind blowing to me. I blogged for a few years, and then decided it was stupid, deleted the entire thing (I KNOW WTF WAS I THINKING) and worked my tush off to rise the ranks at creative design jobs in Manhattan.

☀ Fast forward to today (4+ years into fashion entrepreneurship) and I am over the moon excited to share my vintage collection will be featured in 2 retailers this season. The collection that basically defines “My Embellished Life”. Vintage, creative, artistic, EXTRA.

🆘 If you are basic, I’m sorry, this isn’t for you. 🆘

One store is a fabulous contemporary boutique, and the other a stunning gem of a vintage store.

What I’m realizing now is that:

1- if I had kept my blog I’d be 16 years in and it would probably be making me money 😅 and

2- that blog was my heart and soul and well…. That heart and soul is still here and still exists and launching Sara Joy, the company, really just was an extension of that.

✨ Is the creation of this Vintage collection just me, Sara Joy, coming home? To myself?


I think the answer is so incredibly obvious and yet I say again, mind blowing.

Because really the journey had to take me around the sun moon and stars through the most insane highs and lows to end up here.

🏖 Resort wear isn’t going anywhere. Just to clear the air for those of you who are vacation obsessed and feel best with your feet in the sand. (Same, girl, same.)

So I guess this is to say 1) bear with me through this expansion and creation and discovery 2) I feel like I am just getting started and I cannot wait to see where this takes me and 3) don’t worry I never stopped paying for and I still have the Insta account. In case you were wondering.

To be continued…
Sara Joy

PS if you want to check out and shop the vintage line, some of the pieces are linked here. Message me if you're interested in custom :)
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