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Eco-Conscious: What does it mean to stand up for our Earth as a Fashion Designer in 2023

Eco-Conscious: What does it mean to stand up for our Earth as a Fashion Designer in 2023

It’s World Clean and Green Week! I am so proud to share my efforts in consciously designing and producing a clothing line.

When it comes to sustainability and fast fashion, I think the most challenging part is educating and changing consumer behaviors.  Thanks to fast fashion, 66,000 tons of clothes (85% having never been worn!) reside in a massive Chilean landfill – visible from space. So much so that the UN labelled the site “an environmental and social emergency” for the planet.

I am passionate about the collection I am creating – the joy it will bring you and the happiness that will spread from it.  Yet I am respective of our Earth, and I plan to tread lightly.

With that in mind, here is how I am creating the most eco-conscious brand I can.

  1. I use all of my waste fabric. What does that actually mean? At the end of production, my factory lets me know how much waste there is. Together we come up with a plan to repurpose that fabric into scrunchies and hair accessories, braided belts, I’ve made small lavender sachets, and even scarves. I love this initiative, because it gives me reason to test out small batch production accessories, a lower price point, some kid friendly styles, and I get to be creative.
  2. Digital printing. I don’t cut screens for any of my prints. This is far less waste in materials, uses less water, and in turn allows me to print so much less fabric than screen printing on fabric. Printing less fabric leads to…
  3. Small batch production. I am not overordering inventory. I am not producing collections on a massive consistent quick turnaround scale. Sara Joy is not Fast Fashion.
  4. I will be launching a small upcycled collection soon. (Yes!!! You heard that right). With a lifelong passion for embellishing and an excuse to create more art, I am working on a one of a kind custom collection of pieces to add on to your epic travel wardrobe. (Click here to sign up for launch deets).


Fashion friends in business, friends who SHOP (that’s all of you) what are you doing to support our planet? How do you handle the pressure to show up in a new outfit alongside your climate change anxiety? Or… do you not have any climate change anxiety?

Is there anything else you’d like to see me implement at Sara Joy to support our favorite planet even more? I would be thrilled to hear your take on this! 

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