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Matching Beach Outfits: Bring the Sunshine With You

Matching Beach Outfits: Bring the Sunshine With You

If you’re going on a girls’ trip, don’t forget to add matching outfits to your vacation packing guide! Coordinated looks are a playful way to show off your style and create colorful memories with the women in your life.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to dress exactly the same to have fun with matching beach outfits. Wearing clothes or accessories in the same color family, patterns, or even just that have the same general vibe can be a fun bonding experience. 

Whether you’re heading to the beach, chilling at a fabulous resort, or just want to create your own sunshine, try creating matching outfits with your sister, daughter, mother, or bestie.

Bring on the Color

A beach day is the perfect time to wear a splash of vibrant color. Whether you’re lazing by the pool or strolling along the shore, add some pizzazz with a colorful swimsuit coverup. Our Open Caftan is a chic beach staple that comes in a range of colors.

For a stylish, breezy mother-daughter duo look, try coordinating with the Caftan in Painted Floral and Blue Marble Geo. By wearing the same style you will be subtly matching, but the different designs let you express your own individual style through color. 

matching beach outfits

This lightweight caftan can be worn open or closed, making it a seamless pool-to-beach transition. Wear it open over a swimsuit, and then throw on some cute wedges for a colorful, matching happy hour outfit.

Keep it Classic

Another stylish, classic print is the Painted Paisley—a timeless black base with splashes of neon paisley worked into a stripe. Sara created this versatile print to be wearable for a range of activities, from a casual morning stroll through the sand to a special evening dinner. 

A great option for matching beach outfits when you have different styles is to incorporate the same pattern in different ways. For example, the Painted Paisley Maxi Caftan is a classic style that is universally flattering, while the Painted Paisley Black Open Caftan is a more subtle, lightweight matching piece that can be worn open or closed. 

matching beach outfits

Both show off the classic beauty of the Painted Paisley print, but leave plenty of room for individual expression when styling an outfit. And for an even more subtle pop of matching print, try wearing a patterned scarf as a cute top or even tied to a beach bag.

Love the Blues

Nothing says beach trip quite like cool, coastal blue tones. There’s something about a tranquil blue that is instantly calming, making it an effortless choice for beach holiday dressing. 

As you’re planning your matching beach outfits with your friend, sister, or mom, don’t forget to pack a flattering blue ensemble. Our Blue Marble Geo is an eye-catching, wearable print in a stylish geometric pattern. For the full look, the Blue Marble Geo Maxi Dress gives instant beachy vibes in a flowing, flattering shape. And as the matching outfit, the Blue Marble Geo Sarong can be worn as a swimsuit cover up or dress. 

matching beach outfits

Together, these serene blue tones will create complementary outfits that are comfortable, trendy, and versatile.

Take a Deep Breath—Together

Beach vacations are a time to switch off from your hectic schedules and reconnect in a tranquil environment. Make sure to slow down, take a deep breath, and truly take in each precious moment of this girls’ trip.

The Exhale Flower Pink print is inspired by the soothing scents of lavender, designed to exude tranquility and zen. The subtle floral pattern is both a wearable neutral and a feminine pop of color. To style your matching beach outfits with this calming print, try each wearing the Exhale Flower Pink Sarong and the Exhale Flower Pink Summer Scarf. Get creative with how you wear this gorgeous print, and use it as a daily reminder to stay centered in the present moment.  

matching beach outfits

Revel in Prints and Flowers

On a balmy day in a tropical paradise, it’s only natural to feel inspired by your surroundings. Wearing bright colors and floral prints is one of those vacation essentials that can help you feel in touch with nature and make the most of your beach vacation. 

Bright colors and florals are also an easy way to interpret the concept of matching beach outfits. While the prints don’t have to match exactly, when you and your girl gang turn up glowing in bright floral designs, it will be clear to everyone that you’re together.

Sara Joy has designed playful, versatile pieces that exude those tropical vibes. The Painted Floral Swing Dress is a floaty piece that can be worn over a swimsuit or styled up as a dress. It even has pockets! For a cute matching look, the Mixed Print Summer Scarf is a colorful, impactful accessory that complements the Painted Floral print. Together, these pieces sing of summer evenings and belly laughter with your favorite women. 

matching beach outfits

Salty Hair, Don’t Care on the Beach

Taking the time to relax and recharge with the women in your life can bring so much joy and peace. There is nothing like having fun in the sun and bonding over your shared love of fashion by wearing stylish, matching beach outfits.

Whether you are planning a girls’ trip with family or friends, Sara Joy has created vibrant, soulful pieces that will be your ultimate vacation staples. Make sure to pack your favorite caftans, dresses and accessories, and take the time to appreciate time spent with loved ones. Create memories while wearing Sara Joy, and take the sunshine with you

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