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Joy + Justice with In Kind Boxes

Joy + Justice with In Kind Boxes

In early May I was able to chat live on Instagram with Maria Berglund, the Founder of In Kind Boxes. In Kind is a non profit organization that sells baby shower gift boxes that give back. With every purchase, a box is donated to a mother in need. 
I learned about Maria's mission and felt connected to it immediately. Motherhood is challenging on it's best days, and having been through my own experience with Post Partum Anxiety, I wanted to help. 
Our conversation and my donation began during Mental Health Awareness Month... watch it here>>> 
Art has always been a form of meditation and mental health care for me - and using it as an expression and stress relief during pregnancy and post partum was crucial to my well being. Not everyone has their own art - or access to therapy - or a support system - or even the access to physical products they need to care for themselves and their babies. 
The Exhale Flower Collection was originally inspired by lavender, and it's calming effects I got used to as a new mama. My little lavender sachets became almost a lifeline during anxious moments. This is why I chose to donate a portion of proceeds from this collection to In Kind Boxes.  I feel connected to her mission and I am grateful to donate somewhere that feels important to me. 
Gift box filled with organic essentials for new mom and baby
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