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5 Best Practices for Producing a Fashion Photoshoot

5 Best Practices for Producing a Fashion Photoshoot

5 Best Practices for Producing a Fashion Photoshoot

There are certain days that are highlight days in business and my first professional photoshoot will always be one of them. Producing a photoshoot is no small feat and the hard work leading up to the day of is worth it. What a fun day and how amazing to work with such talented powerful women. The best part is the photos last forever!  

Sara Joy Photoshoot Tips

Here are 5 tips to producing a fashion photoshoot

1. Hire a Stylist – One of the most beautiful synergies during a photoshoot is the creative combination of designer, stylist, and photographer. As a recovering control freak It’s hard not to think “I can be the stylist” but spending money on a professional is worth every dollar. A good stylist can cost a pretty penny and again I will say – it’s worth every dollar. I had an amazing experience hiring Liz Teich to style my most recent shoot. She recommended the most beautiful swimwear and jewelry to match my collection and was on hands and knees making every tassel lay perfectly. She worked so hard, and most of all she understood my brand style really well. (You can find Liz @thenewyorkstylist on Instagram). 

Sara Joy Professional Stylist

2. Do your mood board research. Pinterest lovers unite! Think colors, backgrounds, poses. Anything and everything you might be inspired by. Study other brands you admire to see what they are doing. It’s just as important to note what you do NOT like about photography you see. It can be fun to be inspired by industries other than your own – for example color palettes in travel photography or lighting ideas of home decor.

3. Make a shot list - Organization is key. Spend time (even if it feels tedious) making a detailed list (or excel sheet if you’re an over achiever like me) of the photos you NEED. Bring a pen with you to the shoot – and make sure you go down the list getting each photograph done. It’s super important to stay on top of your list. You’ll hate the disappointment of spending time and money on a shoot day to then receive the photos and realized you missed a shot you need.

Sara Joy Professional Fashion Photoshoot

4. Study your photographers portfolio. This will help you communicate with your photographer what you like about her/his previous shoots. Choosing someone you mesh well with makes the day so much more fun and also more comfortable. It's fun to trust and lean on a professional for their advice and talent - and enjoy the process. I was thrilled to work with Glynis Carpenter for my first shoot. She was kind, easy to work with, and I knew how talented she was - I still obsess over the photos. I can't wait to work with her again. You can find Glynis

5. Choose a model with the energy you want to share through your photography. I knew for a while I wanted to use Raeven Western in my images. Besides being obviously beautiful she brought grounded peaceful energy to the set, while simultaneously adding fun excited energy and smiles when I wanted it in the photos. You can find Raeven @dreampusher on Instagram.

Shout out to the most amazing photography studio, Chosen Moments. I loved working in this stunning open space, it's so affordable for a full day, and made for an amazing experience! 

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