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1 Sarong, 5 Ways, 1 Weekend. Here We Go!

1 Sarong, 5 Ways, 1 Weekend. Here We Go!

The post pandemic travel craze gives me butterflies. We’re not exactly there yet but I long for the day when we can book plane tickets without fear and get our toes in the sand easily. After over a year of carrying the weight of the pandemic around – it might feel nice to travel light. Heading to the Bahamas for the weekend? I know you want to feel fabulous in a new wardrobe– but I dare you to pack in a small carry-on.

Wearing a Sara Joy sarong gives you versatility to do just that. The lightweight cotton dries easily when splashed and will give you an instant mood boost if you’ve had an annoying flight delay. This beautiful piece can take you day to night and there are so many ways to wear it – you might extend your stay!

1 Sarong, 1 Weekend, Here we go!

1. The on board energy might feel overwhelming if you haven’t flown in a year. This could be the perfect opportunity for a lavender sachet – or a glass of wine. Your choice, just don’t forget to hydrate. Wear your Sara Joy Sarong as a scarf because we all know the airplane air conditioning can be frigid.


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2. Upon arrival just in time to wash up for dinner – you’ll freshen up with a shower, some air dry hair foam and maybe some blush since you don’t have that vacation glow yet. Wear a tank dress, flat sparkly sandals, and your Sara Joy sarong as a shawl – you’ll feel perfect in the evening breeze.


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3. Wake up the next morning ready to sit poolside. Your sexy new one piece is calling your name, and pair your Sara Joy sarong with it – this time as a maxi skirt. Perfect for the pool bar followed by a poolside nap. Feeling chilly under your umbrella? Need sun coverage? The lightweight cotton makes for some great light coverage.


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4. Dinner night 2 calls for a short dress – your legs got a little color. Wrap your Sara Joy sarong as a short dress and twist it in front before tying behind your neck – the perfect Grecian inspired look and great with a pair of wedges or flat sandals – your choice. If you’re feeling extra and you packed for it, wear your coordinating Sara Joy scarf around your bag strap to match.

5. Wake up the next day ready for a beach walk. Tie your Sara Joy sarong in a small triangle mini skirt and pair with a bikini – don’t forget to lather on that SPF – and feel good getting that Vitamin D as you stroll seaside and soak in the rays.


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By Now you can see the versatility in this beautiful piece is endless – are you ready to extend your vacation? By the time you get home you’ll probably be ready for a break from this stunning wrap and you’ll hand it off to the dry cleaner – but that’s okay. The other prints you have in your closet are waiting for you to wear with jeans to school drop off! 😉 Nothing like traveling light for a quick getaway!

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