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Customize denim for your stylish mini me!


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Crafted from soft and comfortable cotton

Environmentally mindful production

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Customize denim for your stylish mini me!


Welcome to the world of Dopamine Dressing! You can brighten your reflection and brighten your mood by choosing to wear what lights you up on the inside. In colors you live for, in styles that are the most comfortable, you will glow.  Positivity is contagious - let’s create a ripple effect of happiness that our world needs.


Our Founder, Sara lets creativity shine through her clothing by designing her prints with her own original artwork. Hand painted and mixed media designs turn every Sara Joy look into a work of art, reflecting her unique elevated style and talent.


Sara Joy keeps best practices top of mind to create an eco-conscious business. Over 80% of the collection is created with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. We repurpose leftover fabric to create fun and playful accessories. And in creation we digital print on our cottons which uses less waste and less water. Production batches are kept small and close to made to order.