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Meet a Mom: Interview with Northern Westchester Moms, the Local Moms Network

Excited about this interview with Northern Westchester Moms! My first press and also wonderful outlet to give you more insight into my story. Enjoy!

Northern Westchester Moms: Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in your town?

Sara Annapolen: I grew up in Cheshire, CT. My husband and I moved to Ardsley about two years ago. Before that I lived in the city for 10 years.

Northern Westchester Moms: How did the idea for Sara Joy come about? What made you want to take the leap and start your own business?

Starting this business has been stewing in me for a very long time. I always wanted to create a colorful, print driven clothing and accessories line. I knew I had to find the right time, and here we are! The universe created circumstances with my corporate career that made this leap an obvious one. I just had to press go. 

Northern Westchester Moms: What was your life like before your path to entrepreneurship?

Before entrepreneurship I was commuting to the city, working for a corporate retailer full time. Between laundry, day care drop offs, and Fresh Direct deliveries, it was basically like orchestrating a circus with 30 minutes of breathing time on the train each way. It also put a lot of pressure on each weekend to be perfect.

Northern Westchester Moms: What has been unexpected in your journey as a business owner (so far)?

It took me a long time to get used to the lifestyle change. I thought I would fall into it, but I’m just getting comfortable with making my own day, without working too much. I’m a workaholic if I let myself be one, but I’m less anxious and much happier if I let myself take a long shower and exercise! Finding the balance is tough.

Northern Westchester Moms: What are some of your favorite things about being your boss?

Being as creative as I want – making art that is joyful and colorful – and nobody is telling me I have to reel it in to be saleable. It fuels itself. The more I create, the more I want to create. It’s spilling out of me and it feels amazing. 

Northern Westchester Moms: How are you reaching out to parents and moms in the community?

I promised myself “Fearless Networking” and it is paying off tenfold. I literally have it as a Post-It note on my bulletin board. I joined HeyMama. I go to lots of Westchester and NYC events. I am so happy meeting other wonderful creative, hard working women! It’s also really fun to connect with people on Instagram.

Northern Westchester Moms: What can people expect from Sara Joy?

Sara Joy is fueled by the desire to reawaken joy in motherhood. You can expect a colorful, art inspired clothing line, that is based on using your senses to stay present. You’ll be able to buy some really fun resortwear that will make you happy!

Northern Westchester Moms: Tell us more about the line!

I’m an artist, so my prints will be created from my paintings, drawings and woven paper projects. There will be four collections, loosely based on your senses. For example, the Ocean Waters collection will be all blue prints, and inspired by using visualizations of the ocean to increase peace of mind.

Northern Westchester Moms: What inspires you in work? In life?

Overall, I’m inspired by art and travel. I love working from home, but any time I venture out to a museum or gallery I end up inspired and enlightened. Travel is huge for inspiration; spending time in new places and outside. I am also inspired by other hard working hustling mamas I meet in my community. I think we all inspire each other – that is an amazing new feeling for me.

Northern Westchester Moms: What does your family think about your new business?

They’re so excited for me! I absolutely couldn’t do this without my husband’s support- and my three-year-old likes to ask if I am going to meetings at work in my pajamas which I think is funny. I also like to think I am proving something to my parents and myself. When I chose to go to school for fashion and art I think they thought I was a little crazy.

Northern Westchester Moms: What are some of your favorite me time things to do in your area?

Walk! I absolutely love to walk the hills of Ardsley by myself. For three months last summer, I walked an hour a day. It was my incubation period – I walked, and painted, and this whole thing came to life.

Northern Westchester Moms: What’s next for you and Sara Joy?

A launch! I’m calling it a rolling launch, who needs that much pressure? This year will be about sarongs, dresses, caftans, and eventually more styles and more prints. So much goodness to come.


Original blog post from Northern Westchester Moms site found here.

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