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My Superhero Supporters, with Heart

Are you reflecting lately? During this time of new beginnings with new school, new routines, and after the Jewish New Year I’m finding my footing again. Getting back to focus. And I can't help but think about how *lucky* I've been. I have met some of the most supportive cheerleaders on my journey so far. You'll see quotes everywhere and  it really rings true - when one of us wins, we all win. We rise to the top together. 

So, here are a few fabulous women who deserve to be recognized in my book. For their genuine support of my dreams and generosity in their feedback. For mentioning my name in a room when I’m not around. For believing in me and also for validating my goals and ambitions – for inspiring me to keep on keepin on. And for all that they are working on – in hopes you’ll support them too!!!


  • Pamela Pekerman – The ultimate mom boss cheerleader. Your branding bestie (well, mine anyway). The Queen of messaging, a serial entrepreneur. My first mentor, turned fabulous friend! Pamela has your best interest at heart as she pushes you to get outside your comfort zones while bringing in your focus to get into the best business flow. Fellow #mompreneurs check out Pamela’s coaching business Hustle Like a Mom and don’t miss out on your tickets to her last group coaching of 2021! Get them here.


  • Lisa Kerson Frohlich – The most impeccably styled mom I’ve ever met. Lisa is always in the know about new designers and exclusive pop ups. She’s a talented writer for various style publications. She’s a fabulous fashion hostess and brand ambassador for Modatrova. She’s a style guru … and best of all she’s kind – Clearly I could keep going. Follow her on Instagram @hamptonsnystyle for her fabulous style tips and tricks. Sign up for her monthly newsletter – patterned with colorful style and brands to watch. And if you’re a fashion entrepreneur – Lisa is also a spectacular brand consultant! Check out her recent interview with here


  •  Ariel Stein – Jewish Mom Goals. Yep, I said it. Ariel is an Instagram friend turned real life friend who I’ve only actually met in person a few times. Based in Brooklyn, Ariel is a Jewish Influencer and Founder of Jewish Family Magic. She’s an expert in how to celebrate Jewish Holidays in realistic practical ways as a busy mom with no time. Ariel has been a big supporter and connector of Sara Joy to other mamas. Plain and simple Ariel is an example of a kind mama who has become my friend and I’m so grateful! Jewish Mamas - check out her new website here.


What do all these women have in common?

They have heart. I realize I’ve been lucky since I launched, to have encountered so many superhero supporters.  Being a fashion entrepreneur is less than glamorous – I swear. My goal in launching Sara Joy is to create a collection that ignites positivity in you – all created with my own artwork. I am grateful every day that I’m even doing this – doing this is the goal after all.

Yet I know I would not have gotten this far in such a short time without this amazing support – from all of you. Thank you for being on my journey. I can’t wait for you to see what’s next!

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