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In An Instant, Everything Changed

In An Instant, Everything Changed

Lately I'm updating some email automations and working on stories for the press. In order to do this, I'm practicing my founders story. So... here's a version for you to enjoy. 

I always knew I'd launch my own collection… yet I certainly didn't think natural childbirth would be my catalyst. 

You might remember I mentioned my postpartum creativity burst, yeah?

Let's back up for a minute. I was climbing the ladder at an awesome design job with an inspiring mentor - and I was pregnant with my 2nd baby. I spent much of my design career having to reel it in. Design for the masses, don't get too colorful, not too bright. Fashion design and styling was my purest form of self expression. 

At the same time I was creating an awesome career, I was preparing for my baby to be born. I had done the research, was proud of my first labor (that ended with an epidural after 14 hours at home) but this time, I thought, could I do it? Could I have the natural birth I envisioned?

I could, and I did.  

Why are we talking about childbirth and not resort wear?! 

I connect Hazel's birth with the birth of me that was empowered enough to launch this business. The thing is, that triumphant moment changed my life. I realized that my confidence and strength came from within me - it wasn't dictated by others. 


My creative mind flew open. 

There was no longer a hesitation, It was time.

My postpartum experience was filled with it's usual challenges - yet this time I created some of the most amazing art. I started creating colorful paper and weaving it into stunning new patterns. I knew this was the beginning of something special.

Fast forward my baby is turning three next month. Every day I am practicing self expression through art and design. Every day I am grateful my journey pulled me in this direction and I ran with it. 

For today, I ask you this. What is your catalyst for creativity? What inspires movement in your life? It can be found in the most unexpected of places... and sometimes takes a lot of reflection to realize where it started. Even better - it takes a lot of trust to see where it's going to take you!

Thanks for reading this one... it's from the heart. Xx, Sara 

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  • Linda

    Your creativity is boundless. I love all your new creations

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