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I left my 6 figure fashion job to learn these 6 life lessons in 18 months 

  1. Time is money - and so is frustration. I’ve now made this mistake a few times and finally realized what it’s worth. Choosing to go the less expensive route when outsourcing something can be a smart idea! But sometimes, it costs time and frustration. Whether it’s time to redo the original project, frustration when the final product comes in wrong, etc. Do you find yourself cringing at the calendar, racing the clock, and redoing past projects? Probably would have been worth it to pay more up front and move on. 
  2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable - you’re not supposed to go into this knowing everything. Own that you’re learning and evolving and it will make this process flow better. You are an expert in lot but not everything - get used to asking questions! 
  3. Action over perfection all day long - get it done and move on. This one can be a shot to the ego. Good for you if you’re a detail oriented creative through and through (same, girl, same) - but business doesn’t have time to function that way. You’ll move the needle forward in this tapestry called entrepreneurship when you get it done and move on to the next. 
  4. There are no awards for working too much. I think every boss babe goes through this realization in the first year. It’s HARD to work LESS when you’re in LOVE with what you do. But guess what? You’ll be on the fast track to burnout, sleepless nights, headaches, and a ton of other symptoms if you work too much. The work you love will become less fun - so trust me. A healthy body is a healthy business and your mental wellness must must must come first. 
  5. Making decisions quickly is a skill. There comes a moment in entrepreneurship when you realize there are many paths you could take to get to your goals and none of them are the right way. You can take any path you choose! If perfection doesn’t exist then why stress for days about making decisions? Think on your toes - and move on. Struggling? Consult a mentor or two- but be careful not to ask too many minds to weigh in. Practice makes better on this one ;)
  6. Fun is crucial. I remind myself of this often - the goal was to do this and I’m doing it! It’s the journey not the destination. So here we are and life is short and you literally don’t know if you’ll wake up tomorrow. Focus on the fun and outsource the parts you don’t like. Enjoy each day. Go to bed practicing gratitude for a few fun moments and you’ll attract more fun, more sunshine, and more business!
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