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An Interview with Goldie Home

An Interview with Goldie Home

I'm thrilled to share this interview with Sara Roberts, the Founder and Designer of Goldie Home. I had the pleasure of setting my Rosh Hashanah table with new linens from her beautiful collection. Like my own collection, Sara uses her own paintings for her textiles. Goldie Home is elevated, chic, and most certainly brought joy and fulfillment to my holiday this year. I can't wait to host the next one... who wants to come?


Tell me a little about Goldie Home, how it started and why the name?

I started Goldie Home during the pandemic. I had worked in Fashion + Publishing for all of my career for 20+ years.  I had left my role as Creative Services Director at ELLE and was about to take another position in the corporate sector when Covid hit.  We found ourselves cooped up inside our NYC apartment spending time like we had never had before with our family of four and a few things became very prescient: 

+I rediscovered how energizing and healing being creative and tapping into my artistic self could be.

+I reminded myself that before my corporate life, I had always wanted to take my art and put it on textiles and maybe that was the time to do it!

+And just as important, I discovered how incredibly special family dinners were, especially when we set the table beautifully. We just sat longer and the conversation lingered.

A lot more transpired but I pretty much decided the time felt right and I launched Goldie Home and almost two years later, it's growing and is really exciting.

Goldie was my grandmother's name and is my daughter and niece's middle name. My grandmother was full of beauty, personality, fun, strength, and a bit of whimsy and celebration. It's this essence that I hope Goldie Home brings to people's homes (tables and more). Goldie Home is about bringing Art, Beauty, and Fun to the table.

What is your favorite print in your collection and why? 

I love our Grey Marble print. It has hints of blues, greys, and other various shades and to me it's the perfect blend of being sophisticated, sexy, and artistic. No matter your style, I think it would be a great addition to everyone's home. 

Most proud moment as an entrepreneur?

When ABC Carpet + Home picked up the current Collection. I grew up visiting NYC and stopping at ABC Carpet + Home every time we came in.  Also, as a young woman living in the city, I would go in all the time just to be mesmerized by the beautiful pieces. Walking into that store was (and is) a dream - you fall in love with every piece and get lost in the curation and colors. It's very cool and exciting to have them feel my brand fits their aesthetic + vibe.

Basic table setting advice for the novice who wants to host a fabulous party?

Go with your gut. Don't shy away from color and mixing and matching. Pair old with new, vintage with modern, and make it a little messy, a little undone. And if you need some more inspiration, go on Instagram or Pinterest and get a bit lost. Also, fruit, especially citrus, always looks so good on a table!

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

This is such a hard question but I love it. My gut says Liberty. I have always loved their prints and it would be my dream if they wanted to collaborate on a project with my paintings printed on textiles or wallpaper or even clothes. Who knows?!


Follow Goldie Home @goldiehomenyc

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