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Sara's Birthday Wishes

It's my birthday! I thought it might be fun to share a little behind the scenes of what my goals for Sara Joy are this year - kind of like birthday wishes. Did you know it's a myth that if you share your wishes they won't come true? 
I changed the rules (today). 
I thought hey - what if YOU (yes you) could help me achieve these goals by knowing them and feeling them with me? 
So anyway, here they are. 
Should we make them happen together? 
Let's see… how great can this year be?


1. Grow wholesale accounts with select specialty stores that have a true appreciation for my artwork and my collection.

2. Travel to warm weather locations (haha isn't this obvious as I'm freezing and it's January and it's about to snow) and find ways to connect with new customers directly - who can wear the collection year round

3. Find a company to collaborate with. A true partnership in creativity as well as a mutually beneficial business BOOM - is it home goods? Is it handbags, beach towels, jewelry? Sandals? (Know anyone? Please share!!)

4. Keep stress levels down by unapologetically making more art. 

5. Pitch podcast interviews to share my storyyyyyy!! 

Ok there are only a million more but instead of boring you I felt like these 5 were a good place for you to start. So, let's see. How will this year play out? 

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  • Linda

    You are a very impressive woman. You are going to go very far. Wonderful goals

  • Raeven Western

    I love it! I definitely look forward to seeing the more you unfold and will also keep your wishes noted to help make connections! You are amazing! Have a fabulous birth YEAR!

  • Genee Jacobs

    So hope that all of your wishes come true!
    Your artwork is gorgeous and the boundaries
    are endless!
    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays🌈

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