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Enhance Your Joy With Wearable Art

Art is one of the great joys of life, so why should it be confined to a gallery? Every day brings a new opportunity to celebrate life, and wearing art is a way to express your unique style and confidence. While it requires both imagination and daring, finding ways to wear art can be a fulfilling practice of self expression.

Sara Joy designs pieces of clothing and accessories that fall directly into the wearable art category. Her colorful, elegant designs transform getting dressed every morning into an aesthetic ritual, so that your closet becomes an instant mood-booster. If you’re trying to find your style when it comes to wearable art, we’ve taken inspiration from the greats to put together this joyful guide.

Flaunt Watercolor Stripes

The dreamy Ocean Waters sarong channels the floaty, gauzy nature of watercolor and transforms it into wearable art. As well as the watery pattern, the Caribbean blue color instantly transports you to a tropical beach. Perfect to wear as a beachside coverup, as a dress to a girls’ brunch, or with strappy sandals to wander around town, this sarong will feel like wearing your own gorgeous artwork. Sarongs are versatile and easy to wear, and the ocean-inspired print will leave you feeling serene.

wearable art

For extra style inspo, think of impressionist painter Claude Monet, who was most famous for his iconic watercolor paintings of waterlilies. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Monet’s relaxed painting style embraces translucent watercolor. Rather than depicting exactly what he saw, Monet’s scenes instead are able to capture a romantic, fleeting feeling through expressive color and organic form.

Rock Edgy Geometrics

If bold, contemporary designs get your attention, then geometric prints are a great choice for that “cool girl” vibe. Just as Piet Mondrian used intense colors and straight lines to create abstract art, modern geometric designs are their own wearable art statement. To add some edgy glam to even your most simple outfits, consider including a pop of geo print to your look.

wearable art

Sara Joy has designed a range of geometric fabrics that feel audacious and playful. Rocking bright blue, green, and pink, there is a piece of geometric wearable art for any occasion. Take on the beach in confident style with the Tropical Geo Open Caftan, or hit the shops in the Rainbow Swing Dress and a pair of fun wedges. However you style them, these slick geometric designs will have you feeling powerful and playful.

Mix Prints with Florals and Stripes

Of course, the joy of wearing art goes hand in hand with the chance to get creative every day. Your style is your chance to mix and match different colors, patterns, and textures to perfectly express your mood.

wearable art

For a fabulous statement, pair the Painted Floral Caftan with the Mixed Print Summer Scarf. The combinations of stripes and florals on each garment creates a bright, interesting look that’s tied together with the black trim on the scarf. 

wearable art

Wear the caftan open over a neutral mini dress fabulous with heels, or throw it on with denim shorts and the scarf tied as a bandana. Add some chunky gold jewelry to really complete the artist look. Whether you’re going for sophisticated or casual, this wearable art is sure to impress.

Express Yourself with Bold Paint Strokes

Expressionism was an artistic movement that allowed an artist creative freedom to convey their own inner thoughts or emotions on the canvas. With dynamic strokes, striking colors, and otherworldly scenes, expressionism was more about a feeling than objective realism.

And just as the Expressionists conveyed their moods or ideas in their own way, modern style is all about articulating your own unique sense of self. Sara Joy’s Painted Paisley Black Open Caftan features expressive splashes of color in a paisley pattern that feels dynamic and aesthetically complex. 

wearable art

To make the most of the Expressionist vibe, wear this chic piece however the mood strikes: as a poolside cover up, with a denim skirt for brunch, or with a silky black slip for date night. This piece of wearable art is all about honoring your own personal style, whatever the day brings.

Boost Your Mood With Color

Color can have a powerful impact on our daily moods, but choosing exactly which color to wear is the ultimate question.

When you need a dose of Zen, you can count on a gentle lavender shade to keep you cool, calm, and collected. The Lavender Floral Caftan contains both soothing colors and a delicate floral pattern to invite ease into your day. Wear it on a breezy morning at the farmers’ market or casual Sunday brunch to embrace the soft, feminine vibes.

wearable art

And when you need to add a blaze of sunshine to your day, look no further than the warming yellows of the Sunshine Geo Yellow Maxi Caftan. Bright and happy, it's impossible to have a bad day in this flattering dress. With subtle pops of geometric orange, this maxi caftan will bring a tropical attitude to your vacation or summer party. Pair this wearable art with lace up leather sandals for a relaxed, boho look.

Clothing Should Be a Work of Art

Every day is a chance to express your mood and style to the world through what you wear. Artistic designs and eye-catching patterns allow you to make your outfit your canvas.

Sara Joy creates wearable art pieces that are colorful, playful, and deeply artistic. If you’re looking for unique style or an instant mood boost, Sara Joy’s designs will turn your wardrobe into your own personal art gallery.

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