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Beach Essentials for the Creative Mama

Beach Essentials for the Creative Mama

It's been a beautiful week in Miami (actually the weather wasn't amazing but I found the beauty elsewhere!) We even got to sneak in a couple hours at the beach in between work events. Finally a moment with my feet in the sand. Alone. (Ok my mom was with me but I really mean without kids). 

Here are 5 essentials for a fabulous trip to the beach if you're a creative mama and get that time away!

Sun Hat

First and foremost comes sun protection. Besides the obvious SPF - I am loving this new sunhat from Hat Attack - a classic summer style with a new spin on it - in pink!

A Sara Joy Summer Scarf

Spruce up your hat with the Celebration Scarf. This rainbow tie dye + geometric print scarf is versatile and also super soft. No stress if it gets damp from the sea air - it's 100% cotton and it'll dry fine. Sara Joy Versatile Summer Scarf

A Magazine

Who has time to read a magazine anymore? Get your glimpse of colorful inspiration, fashion forward ideas for the next season, and a distraction from reality. This trip I picked up InStyle at the airport. Just the right amount of hi fashion mixed with real shopping ideas for the upcoming warm weather.

Colored Pencils

Easy for the beach, even better if you remember a mini pencil sharpener (which I did not)- colored pencils can withstand the heat just fine - if we're being reasonable here!) Get your dose of creative expression fulfilled! There's nothing like a meditative coloring session with the ocean waves crashing in the background. I am a sucker for Prismacolor - but let's be honest - Crayola's work amazing too.


For this trip I brought a soft Moleskin - great for traveling light. It's super thin but can withstand a little minor wear and tear that always happens from traveling.  Pro tip - don't forget to date the page you're sketching on. I am disappointed to find old sketch books and have no idea when they're from! 

Painted Paisley Sarong

Cover your legs when it's breezy - cover your shoulders when it's too sunny. Tie on your waist to head to the snack bar - wear as a dress for a walk down the shore. The ways to wear this versatile beach accessory are truly endless - and you can't go wrong with the Painted Paisley Sarong.
Versatile Beach Sarong
Bonus - M&Ms! But eat them before they melt!! 

Tell me beach babe - what are your beach essentials?
Can't wait to be back on here soon to share more styling tips for the beach, the pool, and summer style. 
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