We Strive to be a Source of Happiness in this World

Sara Joy is a women’s resortwear brand fueled by the desire to awaken joy in motherhood. We strive to be a source of happiness in this world. Each piece in our resortwear collection is thoughtfully designed from artwork that we create - a quality we’re so proud of. You’ll see prints dreamed up from ocean-inspired watercolor paintings to vibrant woven paper projects; all manufactured in limited quantities. We want you to feel unique in what you’re wearing while we strive for zero waste. 

The collections are curated based on using your senses.  Visualizations of the seaside bring you serenity, and we share this through our coverups. This is our version of the mind-body connection; wrap yourself in sarongs of joy and spark your inner glow. 


Anyone who knows Sara knows that she has spent her life passionate about art and fashion. Through her childhood and adolescence, she was always creating. She still is.

“Everything had to be embellished.” she says. “I would paint on top of the clothes I made, embroider them, and glue rhinestones on. I was and still am detail obsessed.” 

After studying art and design in college, Sara expanded her knowledge of textiles and fashion working in the garment center in Manhattan. She spent time in a cut + sew design studio, and many years as a print designer. She directed a team of artists and styled prints for store concept at a corporate American legacy brand.   

The shift into motherhood is what energized Sara to launch her own label. Through both of her pregnancies she was excited by her heightened sense of creativity. Through both of her post-partum experiences, art kept her grounded.  

Known as a happy, smiling soul, Sara is thrilled to share this journey with you. When she is not running her business, she’s spending time with her husband Jared and her two toddlers, Liam and Hazel. Follow her behind-the-scenes design journey as a rookie botanist and creative mama @shopsarajoy.