3 Ways to Find JOY in Self Care This Valentines Day

3 Ways to Find JOY in Self Care This Valentines Day

The snow outside has slightly melted and iced over. The Swiss Miss packets are running low. All your leggings are in the laundry basket. It's only the beginning of February!! I feel you. Winter is long this year. It goes without saying we all feel it. There is a cloud over mothers more than ever - and the mental load is heavy. I'd be lying if I said I didn't fall victim to this stress - but when does it hit the worst? When we stop taking care of ourselves. 


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Here are 3 ways to find the JOY in self care this year on Valentines Day. You deserve the love.

1. Let yourself take a long shower. A simple luxury in motherhood! No better place than where you can't hear your son asking for water, or your husband asking if the dog went out.  Even better with a sugar scrub or a face mask before hand.

Allowing your body to relax brings so much magic to your mind when you hit the pillow at night.


2. Speaking of hitting the pillow … practice box breathing with your lavender sachet before bed. These pouches are made of waste fabric and are all hand filled with dried lavender locally in Westchester, NY. Let this beauty elevate your every day bedtime routine. Not only will it relax you but it'll make your night table look pretty. That's Joy!



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3. Journal. Our Celebrate Joy Guided Coloring Journal is a great start - you don't have to be experienced. With questions and prompts, it won't be hard to begin. 


Write 3 things you love about yourself, say them out loud.

Doodle some daydreams.

Release the toxic negative thoughts we all have - write down your accomplishments! And if bullet journaling feels better and more productive go that route. Key words count. 

We've been living this pandemic life for almost a year now and it takes more work than ever to feel joyful. Putting yourself first is always worth it, and now more than ever it's crucial. Which will you do first?



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