The Mind Body Connection: An Interview on Fashion Therapy

The Mind Body Connection: An Interview on Fashion Therapy

Part of the Sara Joy brand foundation and brainstorming of collections has been uncovering the “Spark”. Do you love fashion? Do you deeply feel the connection between how clothing looks and how it makes you feel?

This spark is what takes something from a material item, a piece of fabric, to an uplifting enlightening garment that can actually change your mood.

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I want to dig deeper into this conversation – so I brought in my friend Misha to get her opinion. Misha is a Holistic Health Coach. She overcame a massive health transformation after the birth of her children and has propelled that into a new lifestyle where self love and self care come first. It’s a lifestyle I am in awe of and use her as the prime example for myself. 

Meditation and morning pages aside- Misha has an unbelievable fashion career under her belt. She has 15 years of experience as a Buyer at Saks and Barneys to say the least. But even better than that- she owned her own retail concept store in Soho. Talk about dreams coming true!!

SARA: Hi Misha! I am so excited to talk today. We met in January at a magical event that was focused on Intention Setting for 2020. (Oh if only we had any clue what would follow haha!) Do you remember we walked to the train and shared our passions? We clicked right away.

MISHA: Omg, Yes! I remember feeling instantly drawn to your warm spirit and loving vibe! I distinctly remember you telling me about your passion to help mamas feel amazing in their skin after stepping into motherhood and that really resonating with me based on my own journey of being disconnected to my sense of self postpartum. But most of all, I remember feeling so excited to meet a fellow Westchester based mamapreneur that I had so much in common with & that I felt shared my vibe.

SARA: Yes! I was so excited you lived in Westchester too. My intentions for 2020 were to allow myself more time and space to brainstorm and design and create – which involved being less busy. Welp, that certainly played out! It is proven to me time and time again that down time, time to rest and recharge, are 100% necessary.

MISHA: I remember feeling committed to launching a brand that felt 100% aligned with my calling and passion by my 40th birthday this October. This business was going to channel my passion for supporting other women/mothers, wellness, Indian culture and ancient healing modalities, global cultures, soul and healing work.

I’m feeling proud to say that I’m certainly on track with those goals.

SARA: That’s truly amazing. Your outreach to other moms is wonderful!! Ok more on that that later – but first I have some questions for you!

What is your Covid Fashion Therapy?

MISHA: My covid fashion therapy is no different than my typical fashion therapy. My style has always been a mix of Indian inspired bohemian, super pop color fun, extremely casual and comfy and obvi, workout clothes. I’m an accessory queen and love layering vintage jewelry and having fun with hair accessories. On any given day you can find me in either workout clothes, something like boyfriend jeans & a crop top with fun jewelry and sandals or maybe a Rajasthani Indian blockprinted skirt with a tank and cute hair accessories.

SARA:  I love this!! What was your favorite collection you brought into your store?

MISHA: My Rajasthani vintage jewelry. To this day, people still reach out to me for it.

It was featured in Marie Claire and I sourced it for ABC Carpet and home because they also couldn’t find something as special.

I have always had an extreme passion and amazing eye for selecting vintage jewelry and love pairing it back with clothes in an unexpected, edgy and funky way. Never literal or traditional.

SARA: Ok we really need to talk about this more. You don’t know this about me but I LOVE vintage jewelry and also have a knack for sourcing extra special pieces.

What is your definition of the mind body connection?

MISHA: Well, firstly, it’s important to point out that our gut and brain are interconnected, and messages are sent both ways. When we are unsettled mentally or emotionally, that is transmitted to our gut, creating a reaction in our bodies, and similarly, when the food we consume impacts the way we feel mentally.

I could go on and on, but my definition of the mind body connection would simply be, your thoughts and emotions create a physical response in your body and the way you nourish your body impacts the way you feel mentally and emotionally.

SARA: In your opinion, what is it about the mind body connection that lives in clothes? 

MISHA: The clothes that you wear 100% affect the way you feel. When you wear a fabulous dress, you feel fabulous! And when you feel fabulous, it clearly does wonders for your health!

SARA: Why do you think clothes make me so happy?


"I think clothes make you and many of us so happy because they help us channel the core of who we are and give us a way to physically express it."

You are a joyful person and when you put on joyful clothing, it helps you embrace that spirit more deeply and also give you an avenue to share your spirit with the world in a more profound manner.

I feel that clothing is a way to speak to the world and to others without actually speaking.

SARA: I am so on the same page as you! All of my collections are based on using your senses to stay present in the day to day. For example, I use visualizations to inspire paintings that are translated to fabric. I create prints based on scents and emotions. I hope through sharing joy and positivity I can inspire joy in my community.


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SARA: Ok now tell us about your brand and what exciting course you are launching this fall?!

MISHA: I am so excited to launch my digital wellness course this Fall. Through my own ever evolving healing journey, I learned that the root cause of my health breakdown and issues and my inability to heal, stemmed from stress. 

This course is created to help overwhelmed moms go from stressed and stuck to aligned and thriving with inner peace.

By the end of the step by step, 6 week course, you’ll learn my flow based, stress free, inside out approach to experiencing quality sleep, more energy, inner peace, confidence and freedom in your skin.

I’m excited for other moms to have the exact road map and tools that I wish I had in an easy to digest manner, with all of the pertinent details needed to get them to reach their health and well-being goals without the stress.

Want to find out how stressed you are? I created a 2 minute quiz for you! Take this quiz to find out  how stressed you are based on your current thoughts, emotions and actions. You'll be emailed a detailed assessment of your stress style and resources and next steps to help you.

You can take the quiz here: here!

Don't forget to follow Misha @mishavayner on IG and check out her Facebook group Feel Good Wellness!


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