My Gift to You

My Gift to You

Hi Friends.
Thanks for being here and taking a minute to read. As we are all embarking on a new season of change I am feeling so deeply grateful. The world is tumultuous and yet I am still standing and here to bring joy to your day.

If I am impacting you even in just moments of positivity,

I am succeeding.

Have you been taking care? Practicing gratitude?  It really works - remember just a few moments of intentional positive thought every day can shift your mood holistically. 
my gift to you
This new season brings upon new challenges for everyone, and for me too as a mother and small business owner. Yet challenges aside, the passion I feel to bring joy into your life through my art is stronger. I am following my joy to create art. Art that soothes the soul, art that is a release of negativity. Art that is turned into fabric - so I can pass on my joy to you.

This is my gift to you, that I hope you will cherish. I hope you will wear these accessories with their intention at heart  - to wrap yourself in beauty, awaken joy in your life. 

Remember, it's not just fashion.
It's the mind body connection - and I can spark it for you right here. 

What is your joy? Are you following your heart? 

follow your heart

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Dear Sara
Your colors are beautiful; they provoke joy and a sense of well-being! I am looking forward to the caftan launch… but right now I am purchasing the gift set. A happy Holiday season to you and your family!

Mary Murphy Schmidt

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