3 Ways To Infuse Joy Into Your Next Flight

Imagine a travel experience so relaxed you arrive at your destination as if you’ve just been at the spa? Whether you are a frequent flyer or only step foot on the plane for special occasions – it is everyone’s goal to make travel as smooth as possible. Here are 3 ways to infuse joy into your time in the clouds.


Did you know slowing down your breath for just a few moments at a time can put your body into a relaxed state? After takeoff – spend 5 minutes with box breathing. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold it for 4 counts. Exhale for 4 counts, and again hold it for 4 counts. Repeat this 3 times at minimum. On the inhale enjoy the peaceful scent of lavender with our Breathe Joy Lavender Pouch – and exhale your stress away.


Sara Joy Breathe Joy

Traveling for vacation or work? Feeling organized about your trip can make it less stressful and more fun. Spend a few minutes jotting down any contacts you might need – hotel names and numbers for example – in our Celebrate Joy Guided Journal. Once you are organized, let the pages of the journal guide you. Dream up vacation date night spots, any must see places your kids requested, or doodle the time away. Mindless coloring is a joyful way to pass the time.


Sara Joy Awaken Joy

Pare down your essentials. Heading to an all inclusive where you barely need anything? Put your SPF, gloss, and sunglasses in your zipper pouch. Are you traveling for business? Organize your credit cards, or business card essentials and a pen. The Joy Set comes with 2 pouches – a small and large. Never fear losing your valuables and stay focused on what matters – that margarita waiting at check in!

Sara Joy The Joy Set





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